Explora Horse Boots "MAGIC"

I am the USA REP for these boots MADE and imported from SPAIN. I searched and searched to find a good barefoot boot and fell in love with these as had little luck with the ones here. Please scroll down to see images and video of them in action as well as how they are put on and taken off. Enlarge images by clicking on them.  Their full story of how invented is at the bottom of the images.

If you would like to order some, please email me for directions on how to size: C@ChristineGeorge.com or call me 240-687-5692 cell. They come in BLACK, BLUE, RED, GREEN, PINK, and ORANGE. US $99. for each boot. Two styles, original and neoprene sock FLAT RATE $35. international shipping, $78. value. You will need a passport number for customs. If you are local I have test boots you can try out.

NEOPRENE WITH SOCK click on image for full frame


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Photos & Videos


Their journey began in 2000 with a family fondness for the discipline of endurance. Two of the sons of Explora's owner (Otilio, who is equine podiatrist) competed in this type of race and in fact were champions of Spain on several occasions. Otilio has a prosthesis on one of his legs. Due to an accident when he was very young, they had to amputate his leg. For that reason, the horse shoes didn't convince him they were good for the horse, because he himself knew first hand how it hurt having the impact of his leg on the ground. That is why he realized that the same thing happened with the horses that were horseshoed, and there began the search for a healthy alternative. Then he read "Barefoot for Soundness" and without knowing anything about barefoot horses, he barefoot all his horses (including those who were competing) and studied equine podiatry (also Balance) When the horseshoes were removed, the horses were very sensitive and could not train, they could only remain in green grass. He began to try different systems devised by the same and, meanwhile, investigating online discovered the existence of hoof boots, and bought his first boots: Renegade. Later he would try other brands. Until finally in 2009, as he did not find the boot he was looking for, so he decided to design one! And together with a partner, they developed Floating Boots. After years of experience using and designing boots, customers, dealers, claims, etc. he realized that the design still had some shortcomings and, in 2017, he left Floating Boots to developed Explora boot, the boot that gives solutions to all the problems he had encountered so far with the other boots. Now, we are very proud of his current Explora model: Explora Magic, very versatile and that is giving excellent results. It fits almost any type of hoof (regardless of the morphology of its bulbs and / or heels)! We’re really excited about them because of the flexibility they give to your horse with heel height, allow natural movement and because they are so lightweight easy to maintain! They allow the adjustability both vertically and horizontally where the heel sit to accommodate any changes within your horses growing cycle. The vents allow for easy drainage whilst also allowing the hoof to breathe and flex naturally within the boot keeping the hoof frog active while allowing natural and independent movement of the heels.For more about Explora boot visit https://explorahorseboots.com

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